quantitative aptitude questions on hcf and lcm pdf

Quantitative Aptitude Questions On Hcf And Lcm Pdf

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A, B and C start at the same time in the same direction to run around a circular stadium. A completes a round in seconds, B in seconds and c in seconds, all starting at the same point.

L.C.M and H.C.F : Aptitude Test

The concept is not just restricted to the number system but is also helpful in solving some questions from arithmetic which is a very important topic for CAT exam. In this article, we will take the topic from basics and will try to understand the various types of problems which require HCF and LCM concepts. As and when we come across such questions, we will also take note of those formulas. Let us also understand the relationship between multiples and factors with divisors and dividends. Thus, 4 is a factor of 20 and 20 is a multiple of 4. It is the highest factor common to two or more numbers under consideration. Therefore, the HCF of 96, 36 and 18 is the product of the highest number of common factors in the given numbers i.

Highest Common Factor H. F or Greatest Common Measure G. M or Greatest Common Divisor G. There are two methods of finding the H. The product of least powers of common prime factors gives H. Divide the larger number by the smaller one.

HCF and LCM Questions for SSC CGL PDF

Tags: No Tags on this question yet! The G. Given numbers are 1. F of , 36 and 90 is 18 G. D is nothing but H.

And considering the range of topics that candidate have to solve in the exam, HCF and LCM is one of the application based questions which is often asked in the exam to test the aptitude of the aspirants. There is a number greater than 1 which when divided by 4, 5 and 6 leaves the same remainder of 3 in each case. Find the largest number, smaller than which satisfy the given condition. Find the greatest number of 4 digits and the least number of 5 digits that have as their H. Ram wants to utilize his unused field and plan to plant some trees, he plant 88 guava trees, papaya trees and sugarcane trees in equal rows in terms of number of trees.

HCF and LCM Concepts Formulas and Problems for CAT Exam

Note: Due to some limitations in web options, Math symbols, notations were unable to view properly. In our eBook all Math symbols, notations will be in order. Step 1: Here, 50 is the largest number and it is multiple of remaining numbers i. Step 1: Here, the highest number is 18, but 18 is not multiple of remaining numbers i. Practice Problems.

Quantitative Aptitude H.C.F and L.C.M Customize Online Mock Test

HCF is Highest common factor, so we need to get the common highest factors among given values. Lets solve this question by factorization method. As in HCF we will choose the minimum common factors among the given.. So answer will be third option. Whenever we have to solve this sort of question, remember the formula. Why nobody notice it.

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