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The CPD Blog is intended to stimulate dialog among scholars and practitioners from around the world in the public diplomacy sphere. The opinions represented here are the authors' own and do not necessarily reflect CPD's views. For blogger guidelines, click here. Twenty years ago, the landmark opening of Guggenheim Bilbao signaled a new role for cultural institutions in promoting urban regeneration.

Art as "soft power"

Accueil Contact. Download ebook Cities, Museums and Soft Power in FB2, TXT 22 Avril English X "Soft power" emerged as a concept in the late twentieth century to describe international relations based not on military or economic strength, but on influence. While the resources of "hard power" are tangible--force and finance--soft power resources include ideas, knowledge, values, and culture, as well as the ability to persuade. This volume discusses soft power from the vantage point of museums and demonstrates how they are quietly changing the world. With contributions by thirteen experts from ten countries, "Cities, Museums and Soft Power" reveals the world's 80, museums to be sleeping giants. Two major characteristics of soft power--the rise of cities and the role of civil society--are pushing museums from the margins toward the center as these institutions serve as education hubs, employers, magnets for creative industries, and engines of economic development.

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The Transformational (Soft) Power of Museums: At Home and Abroad

Add to GoodReads. Cities, Museums and Soft Power. Museum planners Gail Lord and Ngaire Blankenberg demonstrate how museums and cities are using their soft power to address some of the most important issues of our time. Soft power is the exercise of influence through attraction, persuasion, and agenda-setting rather than military or economic coercion. Thirteen of the world's leading museum and cultural experts from six continents explore the many facets of soft power in cities and museums to include: how it amplifies civic discourse, accelerates cultural change, and contributes to contextual intelligence among the great diversity of city dwellers, visitors, and policy makers. The authors urge city governments to embrace museums which so often are the signifiers of their cities, increasing real estate values while attracting investment, tourists, and creative workers. Lord and Blankenberg propose 32 practical strategies for museums and cities to activate their soft power and create thriving and sustainable communities.

A collection of essays explores the relationship between museums and communities, communities and cities, cities and nations and nations and the way they use museums as soft power tools. These relationships are not straightforward, and the better essays of the book show us how museums risk becoming toys in the hands of powerful interests, while they should play a constructive role in the future of their communities. Although some people still debate this, of course museums are used as soft power tools. The book describes many of these cases where nations employ museums to advance their interests, from political missions to cultural diplomacy or simply to stimulate tourism. The relationship between cities and museums goes both ways. A city wishes to have the best possible museums and if its politicians are savvy and capable, they will use them as soft power tools. Likewise, a museum could wish for the best possible city, and use its soft power to shape the city and its communities to its liking.

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Harvard Kennedy School's Joseph Nye is university distinguished service professor and Sultan of Oman professor of international relations. He is the author o Music- and art-based outreach programs have been successful in combating extremism in cities like Minneapolis, but they're facing a roadblock. Stringent visa standards from the State Department are blocking many foreign artists from entering the country, and harming communities that need these programs the most.

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