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Television by Roald Dahl and Cookie Jar by Jack Johnson: Poetry Analysis

Home About Contact. ICSE Treasure Trove Workbook Solution, Television Poem's questions and answers icse , Television Poem's questions and answers icse hub, Television poem questions and answers pdf, Television Poem's workbook answers icse treasure trove, Television Poem's icse workbook answers, Television Poem's workbook question answers, treasure trove workbook answers of Television poem, Television poem answer key, Television Poem's workbook answers icse hub, Television poem workbook question answers, Television Poem's questions and answers pdf, Television Poem's evergreen workbook answers, Television Poem's questions, and answers icse hub, treasure trove short stories workbook answers Television Poem's, Television Poem's questions and answers icse , I. The poet, as the mouthpiece of a number of people, begins by saying that the most important thing they have known regarding children is that they should never be allowed to watch television. Moreover, a better solution to the problem would be not to install a television set in their homes in the first place. Why do you think the poet advises not to install it?

What is the most important the poet has learned so far as children are concerned? The most important thing the poet has learned regarding children is that the parents should never allow their children near the television set. What has the poet experienced at almost every house he has been? In almost every house he has been, he has seen them gaping at the screen. What are they? Why does parents let their children watch TV?

This poem is written by Roald Dahl. Answer: Television is referred to as the idiotic thing as it destroys all thinking abilities of the children as they are glued to watching television. They are fascinated and intoxicated by the meaningless entertainment that is churned out on television. Answer: The last two lines of the quoted passage is an exaggeration. The poet does so to make people aware of how children become so engrossed in watching television that they merely stare at the T. V screen without doing any productive work. They just merely watch shows on television without applying their minds, so no mental development happens and moreover, they become couch potatoes.

Television – Important Questions

Badal Paul is an educator, blogger, and writer. The author keeps keen interest in writing poems, novels and short stories. Skip to content. What does the poet want to convince the readers through this poem? Instead, he wished them to be more careful in rearing them up. Children lose much of their creative thinking.

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Ans. The poet here refers to Roald is addressing these lines to the parents and advises them to never let their children watch television, or not to install.

Objective type questions on Television by Roald Dahl

Though the poem is about children, it is addressed to their parents, i. Since its publication, the poem has received worldwide popularity and attention for its brilliant style, earthy and uncomplicated tone, and a message that is extremely significant today, when we are uncritically accepting the dominance of technology in all walks of life usually even at the expense of the actual needs of our own kids. They loll and slop and lounge about, And stare until their eyes pop out. In this stanza, the poet criticises the increasing craze for television among children. However, as the starting line puts it, he has learned about it primarily from other people or some other source.

Dahl chose to give this poem an aabbccdd pattern of rhyme. The end sounds alternate as he saw fit throughout the text. Some of the end words are more perfectly rhymed than others, and some such as those in lines 17 and 18 are almost identical. There are many images in this poem that are striking. This makes sense due to the fact that this particular poem is concerned with television and all the terrible and wonderful images a child can see on its screen.

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