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Downloaded: 83 times Size: pages Add to wishlist Download for credits. A massive work, it contains more than four times the number of tables found in Aleister Crowley's Liber , and it is quite simply unique in its scope.

This material has then been grouped and presented in a consistent and logical way that covers the entire Western Mystery tradition and some relevant parts of the Eastern tradition. It is truly an extraordinary work, which is sure to prove invaluable to all serious students of the occult, irrespective of which particular path they follow.

Anyone practicing magic won't want to miss this comprehensive book of magician's correspondences. Featuring four times more tables than Aleister Crowley's Liber , this is the most complete collection of magician's tables available. This monumental work documents thousands of mystical links-spanning pagan pantheons, Kabbalah, astrology, tarot, I Ching, angels, demons, herbs, perfumes, and more! The sources of this remarkable compilation range from classic grimoires such as the Sworn Book to modern theories of prime numbers and atomic weights.

Data from Peter de Abano, Abbott Trithemium, Albertus Magnus, Cornelius Agrippa, and other prominent scholars is referenced here, in addition to hidden gems found in unpublished medieval grimoires and Kabbalistic works. Well-organized and easy-to-use, The Complete Magician's Tables can help you understand the vast connections making up our strange and mysterious universe.

Downloaded: 61 times Size: pages Add to wishlist Download for credits. Highly sought-after, this edition of a rare early seventeenth century grimioire has never before appeared in English. Occult scholar Stephen Skinner, along with magician and author David Rankine, trace the history of the Keys and offer full transcriptions of four key seventeenth century manuscripts in the British Library and in the Bodleian Library.

Downloaded: 34 times Size: pages Add to wishlist Download for credits. The enchanting tales of Arabian Nights and the mysterious magical societies of the Moors share a legendary figure.

According to Islamic tradition, this Arabian Merlin bested a djinn in a magical contest, teleporting Queen Sheeba's throne in the blink of an eye, using his knowledge of the Great Name. Through the ages masters of the forbidden art of djinn evocation have shared with their disciples in secrecy an extensive oral tradition of rituals, incantations, and magical implements belonging to Asaph Ben Berechiah.

Fragments of these arcane mysteries could be found in the writing of master occultists from the Middle Ages, the likes of Ahmed al-Buni. Few and far between, many have treasured what little fragments of this oral tradition could be found. There were also whispers of a grimoire compiled by an anonymous Arabian wizard brimming with secrets of the magic of Asaph Ben Berechiah.

Known only as Ajnas, its reputation grew, but few possessed it. It has resurfaced in recent years and remains one of the most popular guides to angelic and djinn evocation in the land of the Arabian nights.

O seeker of the art of the masters, you needn't wait centuries for this important grimoire to be available in English as has happened with Ghayat al-Hakim Picatrix.

Right now, you are beholding an accurate and complete translation of Ajnas waiting for its secrets to be unlocked by the disciples of today and the masters of tomorrow.

The Greater Key of Solomon Part 1. Downloaded: times Size: 60 pages Add to wishlist Download for 5 credits. Concerning the ceremonies and operations of the magickal art. The Key of Solomon, save for a cultailed and incomplete copy published in France in the seventeeth century, has never yet been printed, but has for centuries remained in Manuscript form inaccessible to all but the few fortunate scholars to whom the innermost recesses of the great libraries were open.

The fountain-head and storehouse of Qabalistic Magic, and the origin of much of the ceremonial magic of Midieval times, the "Key" has been valued by Occult writers as a work of the highest authority. The Greater Key of Solomon Part 2. Downloaded: times Size: 48 pages Add to wishlist Download for 5 credits. The Pentacles or Medals to be used in the magickal art, and the uses for which they are effective. The Greater Key of Solomon Part 3. Downloaded: times Size: 21 pages Add to wishlist Download for 5 credits.

Concerning the proper behavior of the Mage and his assistants, and the tools and materials of the magickal art. Downloaded: times Size: 52 pages Add to wishlist Download for 5 credits. Theconjuration of 32 Aerial Spirits and their servants, partly goodand partly evil, who govern the points of the compass. Downloaded: 74 times Size: 23pages Add to wishlist Download for 50 credits.

Part II: A systemfor invoking the "guardian angel" ruling the zodiac degree underwhich the user is born. Downloaded: 61 times Size: 9pages Add to wishlist Download for 50 credits. Evocation of the Angels of the four "Altitudes", who rule theequinoctial and solstice points, the seasons, and the signs of thezodiac. Downloaded: 60 times Size: 8pages Add to wishlist Download for 50 credits.

Arather peculiar small book of prayers and orations. More anappendix to the Goetia than a book in its own right. Ars Notoria. Downloaded: 75 times Size: 54 pages Add to wishlist Download for 5 credits. The Notory Art of Solomon. A dense and difficult document, but onewhich had a profound influence on John Dee and other Renaissancemages. Describes a system for attaining to knowledge and skill inthe Liberal and Mechanical Arts through prayers and specialinvocations in "barbarous tongues".

Testament of Solomon. Downloaded: times Size: 19 pages Add to wishlist Download for 5 credits. Includes a catalog of demons summonedby King Solomon, and how they can be countered by invoking angelsand other magical techniques. Grimoire of Armadel. Downloaded: times Size: 66pages Add to wishlist Download for 50 credits. TheGrimoire of Armadel is a do-it-yourself text book of Ceremonialmagick. It has been translated from an ancient manuscript kept atthe Bibliotheque d'Arsenal in Paris, and is similar to the famousKey of Solomon and Cornelius Agrippa's Occult Philosophy.

TheArmadel appears to have been circulated only in manuscript form. Downloaded: 92 times Size: 27 pages Add to wishlist Download for 50 credits. The Sworn Book of Honorius. Downloaded: 68 times Size: pages Add to wishlist Download for 50 credits. Downloaded: 65 times Size: 22 pages Add to wishlist Download for 50 credits.

Veritable Black Magic. Downloaded: 7 times Size: 74 pages Add to wishlist Download for credits. None other than the Key of Solomon, except that all the "Black Magick" portions Mathers' censored in his version have been left intact. Goetic Spellwork. Downloaded: 16 times Size: 25 pages Add to wishlist Download for credits.

There are a multitude of texts available for the willing practitioner who wishes to learn the art of spirit evocation. However, where do you go from there? One of the overarching abilities of most spirits is the ability to teach an art or skill; as entities more subject to the ebb and flow of the magical world than we are, they are able to teach many charms and spells which can aid the magician in their magical workings.

This pamphlet presents spells taken from conversations and workings with spirits and combines various magical practices and bits and pieces of folklore, providing you with inspiration and some fresh ideas of how you can employ working with the spirits in your practice. Downloaded: 12 times Size: pages Add to wishlist Download for credits. Now out of print, Henson's Lemegeton contains the full text of the Goetia, Theugia Goetia, Pauline Arts and Almadel, with over sigils and illustrations.

The text is a careful collation of manuscripts from the Sloane collection in the British Library, along with a careful rendering of all previously published and unpublished drawings from the original sources. Downloaded: 17 times Size: pages Add to wishlist Download for credits. This is the finest translation available today of the Grand Grimoire otherwise known as The Red Dragon. This is the first and best translation of the most highly sought after ancient grimoire of all times.

For the serious occultist it is critical to use only this edition to safely perform powerful rituals this book offers. This book is a typical medieval grimoire filled with dark magic, that is a blend of Paganism and ancient Christian rituals. Not to be used by beginners and for advanced practitioners only.

In general it is a very interesting read for any occultist seeking insight into ancient magic. Very rare manuscript in occult grimoire texts of today. Magic of Goetia. Downloaded: 80 times Size: 7 pages Add to wishlist Download for 50 credits. Please be aware that Sacred Magick does not necessarily endorse or control the content of many of these documents, nor is it responsible for any claims, opinions or information accessed therein.

Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence. Learn more Mastering Soul Travel. Universal Circle. Summon absolutely ANY TYPE of spirit to full physical appearance, including angels, demons, gods, elementals, planetary intelligences, dead humans, and more. Mastering Divination: Omniscience. I'll show you the exact steps and specific pathworkings to help you be more successful with ritual magick and your Ascent to Godhood - and you don't need special genetics or fancy initiations to do it Circle of Solomon.

Interviews With A Magus. Watch interviews of the most powerful magicians in the world, as they tell "war stories" and reveal closely-guarded occult secrets.

Complete Works of E. Enjoy all the critically-acclaimed grimoires by the master sorcerer, E. Koetting, in the world's most powerful books of the Left Hand Path. Attract Studio Create your own Attraction Movies - and manifest your ideal life!

The Keys To The Gateway Of Magic: Summoning The Solomonic Archangels And Demon Princes

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The Keys To The Gateway Of Magic: Summoning The Solomonic Archangels And Demon Princes

License to Copy This publication is intended for personal use only. Paper copies may be made for personal use. With the above exception, no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, without permission in writing from the author. Reviewers may quote brief passages.

For further details of forthcoming books in this series, edited from classic magical manuscripts see www. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, or used in another book, without specific written permission from the authors. ISBN Angel Magic 2.

The Study of Solomonic Magic in English

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