design and implementation of a tcg based integrity measurement architecture pdf

Design And Implementation Of A Tcg Based Integrity Measurement Architecture Pdf

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Real-Time Remote Attestation with Privacy Protection

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With the widespread use of mobile embedded devices in the Internet of Things, mobile office, and edge computing, security issues are becoming more and more serious. Remote attestation, one of the mobile security solutions, is a process of verifying the identity and integrity status of the remote computing device, through which the challenger determines whether the platform is trusted by discovering an unknown fingerprint. The remote attestation on the mobile terminal faces many security challenges presently because there is a lack of trusted roots, devices are heterogeneous, and hardware resources are strictly limited. Compared with the existing mobile remote attestation scheme, it has the advantages of wide application, easy deployment, and low cost. To defend against the time-of-check-to-time-of-use TOC-TOU attack, we propose a probe-based dynamic integrity measurement model, ProbeIMA, which can dynamically detect unknown fingerprints that generate during kernel and process execution. Finally, according to the characteristics of the improved dynamic measurement model, that is, the ProbeIMA will expand the scale of the measurement dataset, an optimized stored measurement log construction algorithm based on the locality principle LPSML is proposed, which has the advantages of shortening the length of the authentication path and improving the verification efficiency of the platform configuration.

On Design of a Trusted Software Base with Support of TPCM

Ambient service provisioning with the least human participation in a pervasive computing environment, which is composed of interconnected devices and sensors, raises several trust and security issues. Accurate measuring of the integrity of the nodes that are willing to interact in this intimate environment can boost the trust evolution process, particularly in the uncertainty state and initiation phase. The paper aims to discuss these issues. The paper presents a unified approach in calculating the trust value among the nodes by leveraging some trusted computing functionalities. The approach aggregates different trust metrics like context, recommendation, and history to compute the trust index of each party more accurately. The paper also describes several existing remote attestation techniques including the chosen attestation technique for the model. The paper simulated the behaviour of the model in different scenarios and evaluates its responsiveness when the trustworthiness among peer nodes can be attested.

Unified trust establishment by leveraging remote attestation – modeling and analysis

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Our implementation is aimed at estimating the possibility of employing TCG-based trusted computing mechanisms, such as verifying the code-integrity of executables and libraries at load-time and remote attestation, in mobile devices. Considering the restrained resource in mobile device, the experimentation shows promising results, thereby enabling these mechanisms to be used as a basic building block for a more secured mobile service. To this end, we add a new feature of integrity measurement and verification to Wombat Linux kernel and Iguana embedded OS. Unable to display preview.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. A Logic for Secure Stratified Systems and its Application to Containerized Systems Abstract: We present the design and verification of a secure integrity measurement system for containerized systems. Containerization of applications allows fine-graded deployment and management of services and dependencies but also needs fine-graded security mechanisms.

Implementation of a TCG-Based Trusted Computing in Mobile Device

Design and implementation of a TCG-based integrity measurement architecture

Building trusted computing systems has been continuous endeavors for a long time. However, an increasing amount of trust problems remain unsolved in real-world applications. One of the most important reasons is that insufficient applicable software is available to handle the situation. This paper proposes an answer to the latter question. With considerations to the Chinese counterpart of a TPM, i.

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Design and Implementation of a TCG-based Integrity Measurement Architecture Reiner Sailer and Xiaolan Zhang and Trent Jaeger and Leendert van Doorn.

Security and Communication Networks

In this paper we consider the Infrastructure-as-a-Service IaaS cloud model which allows cloud users to run their own virtual machines VMs on available cloud computing resources. IaaS gives enterprises the possibility to outsource their process workloads with minimal effort and expense. However, one major problem with existing approaches of cloud leasing, is that the users can only get contractual guarantees regarding the integrity of the offered platforms. The fact that the IaaS user himself or herself cannot verify the provider promised cloud platform integrity, is a security risk which threatens to prevent the IaaS business in general. In this paper we address this issue and propose a novel secure VM launch protocol using Trusted Computing techniques.

In order to solve the existed problems of dynamic integrity measurement method, a dynamic integrity measurement model based on Memory Paging Mechanism is proposed in this paper. The model takes memory pages of executable subjects as measurement objects. When the pages are scheduled into memory, the measurement points are inserted, the pages are measured, and their integrities are verified. The model is able to insure the integrity and trust of each executable page and assure that the integrity of the whole executable subjects is not destroyed. Accordingly, dynamic integrity measurement to executable subjects is implemented.

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