list and explain 4 non-compulsory insurable risks pdf

List And Explain 4 Non-compulsory Insurable Risks Pdf

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Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss.

With just a few clicks you can access the GEICO Insurance Agency partner your boat insurance policy is with to find your policy service options and contact information. Read more.

Risk , peril , and hazard are terms used to indicate the possibility of loss, and are often used interchangeably, but the insurance industry distinguishes these terms. A risk is simply the possibility of a loss, but a peril is a cause of loss. A hazard is a condition that increases the possibility of loss. For instance, fire is a peril because it causes losses, while a fireplace is a hazard because it increases the probability of loss from fire.

Liability insurance

Auto insurance protects you from financial losses such as vehicle repairs, medical bills, and legal services that could result from an auto accident. To get the best value for your money, you must take responsibility for your auto insurance purchase. On February 23, , Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove signed House Bill , establishing a compulsory automobile liability insurance system for Mississippi. Beginning January 1, , Mississippi law requires that all drivers maintain liability insurance and carry a card in their vehicles at all times showing that you have liability insurance.

As of July 1, , pursuant to Senate Bill Regular Session these insurance cards may be produced either in paper or electronic formats, including cell phone images or other electronic devices.

The contact number for the Safety Responsibility Division is Technically, you, as a Mississippi driver, can legally satisfy these requirements by:. However, for the vast majority of people, automobile liability insurance is the most effective way to protect yourself financially in case of an automobile accident. Maintaining it in your vehicle is now the law. State law says that a law enforcement officer cannot stop you solely to check if you have an insurance card, but he or she can ask you for proof of insurance during a stop for any other statutory violation.

Liability coverage pays for damage you cause to other people and their property. It protects your assets and wages from seizure and litigation. It is a good idea to consider purchasing liability coverage with higher limits. Remember, if you are at fault in an accident, liability coverage will only pay up to your limits of insurance. You will be responsible for any damages over that amount.

You will need to purchase other kinds of coverage if you want the insurance company to pay for your medical bills and vehicle repairs. For more information regarding automobile liability insurance, please see our Automobile Liability Insurance Page. Many states with compulsory liability laws still have substantial numbers of uninsured motorists — those without any form of automobile insurance. If an uninsured motorist hits your car, you may not be able to collect damages.

Other optional coverages that can be added to your auto insurance policy include collision, comprehensive, and medical payments components. Collision coverage will pay for the cost of repairing damage to your car caused by an impact with a vehicle or object. Comprehensive coverage will reimburse you if your car is stolen. Medical payments coverage will pay the expenses of persons injured in an accident regardless of fault.

If your car was financed, most often your lender will require you to carry collision and comprehensive coverage. It is possible to cut your collision and comprehensive premiums by raising your deductibles. If you have an older car, you could opt to forego the collision and comprehensive coverages altogether. Because the value of a car is based on its age and condition, these factors will be considered in the amount you can recover in the event of a loss.

If you have health insurance, medical payments coverage may not be necessary. Ultimately, you will be making your decision on how much auto insurance to purchase based on what you can afford. Insurance companies write policies in many different ways:. In order to find the best possible rate, we suggest you contact many different agents and companies. You may want to make a worksheet to help you keep track of the auto insurance quotes you get from different companies. A good place to start is the Personal Auto Rate Comparison found on this page.

There you can find price comparisons of the largest auto insurers in Mississippi. Also, it is a good idea to keep track of the discounts offered by each company. Some companies offer discounts to farmers, good students, and others. Often, a discount is offered for drivers over 55 who pass a special driving course.

Additional discounts are given on equipment in your car such as anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices, air bags, and automatic seat belts. On average, a five percent discount is given on such equipment. Taking a defensive driving course can reduce your liability and collision premiums. Young drivers who take driver education also can get a similar discount. There are many things you can do to keep the cost of automobile insurance as low as possible.

Here are a few tips:. While it is important to keep the cost of automobile insurance low, price should not be the only consideration when you are shopping for insurance. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In addition to comparing prices, it is a good idea to compare the financial strength of a company, its reputation for service, specific coverages, discounts and other benefits they offer.

Some of the most well known rating companies are A. Ratings from many of these services can be found at the public library or on the Internet. A list of major rating companies, their phone numbers, and their Internet addresses are located on our Insurance Company Rating Services Page. MID is unable to recommend or provide ratings of individual companies. If you want to know the claims-paying ability rating of a particular insurance company, ask an agent or company representative.

Compare how the company stacks up to the other rated companies. If you have trouble getting the information from the company itself, you may want to think twice about buying from them. If you are involved in an accident and have a claim, there are certain things that you should do:. If you have a loss, notify your company promptly. Make copies of the completed forms to keep for yourself. After the company is informed of your claim, they should send you any needed forms to verify your claim.

The claim should be paid promptly after the company has received adequate proof of loss. If the company rejects your claim or pays only part of it, you should be provided an explanation in writing. If you believe your insurer has refused to pay all of part of a valid claim, you should first contact them. If we can be of assistance, please see the Request Assistance Page for information on how to contact us.

National Flood Insurance Program Website. Helpful External Website Links Mississippi.

Risks, Perils, and Hazards

Never miss a great news story! Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. Accidental death benefit and dismemberment is an additional benefit paid to the policyholder in the event of his death due to an accident. Dismemberment benefit is paid if the insured dies or loses his limbs or sight in the accident. Description: In an event of death, the insured person gets the additional amount mentioned under these benefits in the insurance policy.

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued a mandatory one-year moratorium on insurance companies non-renewing policyholders -- protecting at least 1 million homes in wildfire disaster areas in Northern and Southern California. The commissioner's action is the result of Senate Bill — authored in by Lara while serving as state senator — in order to give temporary relief from non-renewals to residents living near a declared wildfire disaster. A statewide moratorium would provide all California homeowners, renters, and businesses peace of mind, and allow time for stakeholders to come together to work on lasting solutions, help reduce wildfire risk, and stabilize the insurance market. If you received a notice of cancellation or non-renewal after the declared state of emergency that relates to the fire associated with your Zip Code, and the reason for the cancellation or non-renewal relates to wildfire risk, you should contact your insurance company to seek a reinstatement of the policy. Link to notice.

Policies cover the personal liability of company directors but also the reimbursement of the insured company in case it has paid the claim of a third party on behalf of its managers in order to protect them. Coverage is usually for current, future and past directors and officers of a company and its subsidiaries. This means that claims are only covered if they are made while the policy is in effect or within a contractually agreed extended reporting period, which can extend up to another 72 months or even longer in some countries. Coverage does not include fraudulent, criminal or intentional non-compliant acts or cases where directors obtained illegal remuneration, or acted for personal profit. What and who is covered — and not covered? What does the typical program look like? Business interruption, Pandemic outbreak and Cyber incidents are the top three business risks for — all strongly interlinked.

The COAST parametric risk insurance product provides coverage for A ship is defined (Article 1(1)) as “any seagoing vessel and seaborne craft, of any type whatsoever”. Whereas this is not aimed at fishing vessels, mention may be made of

Insurable Risk

Auto insurance protects you from financial losses such as vehicle repairs, medical bills, and legal services that could result from an auto accident. To get the best value for your money, you must take responsibility for your auto insurance purchase. On February 23, , Mississippi Gov.

This paper applies the economic analysis of law through the question of under what conditions should insurance be made compulsory.

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