electric fan parts and function pdf

Electric Fan Parts And Function Pdf

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A fan is a powered machine used to create a flow of air. A fan consists of a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades, which act on the air. The rotating assembly of blades and hub is known as an impeller , rotor , or runner.

The radiator is located in the usual place, but an electric motor drives the fan. Sole Plate.

parts of electric fan and their function pdf

If you know a bit about those parts you can choose a good steam iron easily. Steam drum. Ceiling fan motors are housed above the hub of the fan … n n n n n n The heating element is the coiled wire frame located behind the fan blades. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Fan and Air Handling Unit: A fan on the outdoor component releases hot air via the condensing coil, while the indoor fan expels cool air into your home. The fan blows air over the motor's exterior for additional cooling.

Electric Motor - Have you ever noticed a blender, or a fan. Why can the component spin? If you are curious, just calm down because this time we will discuss the working principles and parts of simple electric motors and their functions. In the world of electronics, the electric motor becomes an inseparable component. It also applies to the automotive vehicle. Electric motors can not be separated in a car or motorcycle.

How Ceiling Fans Work

It is a power driven machine capable of providing high air flow parallel to the axis of the motor shaft where an axially mounted impeller or fan blade agitates the air. Timer is also included for fully automatic operations. Front Guard. It is a protective metal mesh wire used to prevent the blade from any physical contact with foreign objects. Guard Mark.

parts of electric fan and their function pdf

Bobbin winder stopper: But, the initial cost for an electric car will be very high. It has steam separators. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Following table describes functions of laptop parts.

You arrive home from work on a summer day, bolting inside to escape the heat.

1 Electric Fan

A fan is a powered machine used to create a flow of air. A fan consists of a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades, which act on the air. The rotating assembly of blades and hub is known as an impeller , rotor , or runner. Usually, it is contained within some form of housing, or case. Most fans are powered by electric motors , but other sources of power may be used, including hydraulic motors , handcranks , and internal combustion engines.

Each part is essential to the overall function of it. The Final thought about Parts of Drilling Machine: So as far in this article, we see 11 types of drilling machine parts with their function, types, operations of drilling machines. The "flipping the electric field" part of an electric motor is accomplished by two parts: the commutator and the brushes.

Discard product if the attachment plug is damaged. Know Your Fan. Parts and Their Function. Parts Function. ○Height adjust button. Use.

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1 Electric Fan

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    A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan mounted on the ceiling of a room or space, usually electrically powered , that uses hub-mounted rotating blades to circulate air.

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