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“A very civil idea …” Art History, Transculturation, and World-Making – With and Beyond the Nation

It conceives a major section of my thoughts and ideas associated with the element of de-coloniality and hope it will be of great help for the scholars who are venturing new to this field. Knowledge gives humility, from humility one attains characterFrom character one acquires wealth, from wealth good deeds,Follows then happiness. The above mentioned adage has been imbibed from an ancient Indian text which applauds the universal constructive quality of knowledge and its system. Since ages the globe has undergone multi-dimensional geopolitical shifts largely motivated by the exertion and channelizing of power across and over. The world has consistently been invaded by different segments of political thoughts and ideas since the pre-colonial times and has largely been maneuvered through different violent tactics but the epistemological insurgence and influence can never be left ignored. Power and Knowledge indeed exists in symbiosis with each other and it has been variously defined by intellectuals across the world. The formats and designs of power execution across ages varies from one place to another in terms of the nomos within which a society or community is confined but the system of knowledge plays functions as the central motivational force towards formulating and executing the multifarious theoretical and philosophical compartmentalization like pre-colonial, colonial, postcolonial, anti-colonial or de-colonial.


The project called for an understanding of modernity not from modernity itself but from its darker side, coloniality, and proposes the de-colonization of knowledge as an epistemological restitution with political and ethical implications. Epistemic decolonization, or de-coloniality, becomes the horizon to imagine and act toward global futures in which the notion of a political enemy is replaced by intercultural communication and towards an-other rationality that puts life first and that places institutions at its service, rather than the other way around. The volume is profoundly inter- and trans-disciplinary, with authors writing from many intellectual, transdisciplinary, and institutional spaces. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

Nation, Civil Society and Social Movements: Essays in Political Sociology

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Rethinking Modernity


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Over three and a half decades after his death, Ali Shariati continues to occupy a major place in the ongoing academic and public debates about the relationship between Islam and modernity. Seldom, however, have commentators attended to the ways in which Shariati's intellectual followers in post-revolutionary Iran have read his thought in relation to the condition, content, and negotiation of modernity in Iran and other contemporary Muslim societies. This dissertation seeks to address the existing research gap by examining new readings of Shariati's thought by a group of Iranian intellectuals and activists collectively known as neo-Shariatis. It argues that in post-revolutionary Iran, neo-Shariatis have read Shariati's revolutionary Islamic discourse as a project of indigenous modernity whose critical reexamination can serve the negotiation of a third way between hegemonic universalism in the form of Enlightenment rationalism, authoritarian modernism, and autocratic secularism and essentialist particularism in the form of Islamism and other types of religious, cultural, and ethnic identitarianism. This thesis, or any portion thereof, may not otherwise be copied or reproduced without the written consent of the copyright owner, except to the extent permitted by Canadian copyright law.

Decoloniality or decolonialism is a school of thought used principally by an emerging Latin Coloniality is called "the darker side of western modernity" (​Mignolo ). terrors of modernity, decolonialism criticizes Eurocentric modernity and rationality because of the "irrational myth" Download as PDF · Printable version.

Three Essays

Must a global art history follow the logic of economic globalization or does it call for an alternative conception of critical globality to be able to effectively theorize relationships of connectivity that encompass disparities as well as contradictions? By shifting the focus of enquiry beyond Euro-America, it looks for a way through which the practice of art history can translate the intellectual insights of non-European experiences into globally intelligible analyses. Their spokespersons made a forceful claim to a demarcated, non-shared space, now due to them as independent nations, to be able to showcase their national cultures on an equal footing with Western nations. These positions could perhaps serve as a wedge to break open the idea of the nation, conventionally characterized as a juridical, geo-political entity, and instead to conceive of it as an imagined conceptual realm, not territorially bounded, but one that in the imagination of artists and scholars could both be local and transgress boundaries. How do the debates about the tangled relationship between nations and cultures challenge our disciplines and institutional practices as they urge us to develop new frameworks for our scholarly enterprises? More specifically, how does art history negotiate the tension between national identity and such relationships that break out of national frames and inform memories and visions of so much of artistic and literary production? When art is made to stand for or express allegiance to the nation, what does the art historical life of that entity embody at any given moment in the past or present?

This book is a collection of 12 essays on three interrelated themes of Nation, Civil Society and Social Movements organized in three parts each having four chapters. Have you created a personal profile? Login or create a profile so that you can save clips, playlists and searches. Books Add to list Added to list. Author: T. More information Less information icon angle.

Decoloniality or decolonialism is a school of thought used principally by an emerging Latin American movement which focuses on untangling the production of knowledge from a primarily Eurocentric episteme. It critiques the perceived universality of Western knowledge and the superiority of Western culture. Decolonial perspectives see this hegemony as the basis of Western imperialism. The decolonial movement include diverse forms of critical theory, articulated by pluriversal forms of liberatory thinking that arise out of distinct situations. In its academic forms, it analyzes class distinctions, ethnic studies , gender studies , and area studies.

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