vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in bangladesh pdf

Vulnerability And Adaptation To Climate Change In Bangladesh Pdf

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Edris Alam. Over the last 25 years, the world has seen a rise in the frequency of natural disasters in rich and poor countries alike.

Climate vulnerability represents a highly complex public policy challenge for government due to its interaction with diverse social, political, economic, and ecological factors across scale. The policy challenge is further exacerbated when rural livelihood opportunities depend on multiple land use practices within shared social-ecological systems and adaptation actions related to one practice affects the others. In such cases, it becomes likely that national and regional-level adaptation plans will result in maladaptive trajectories if local context and properties are not carefully considered.

Climate change in Bangladesh

Metrics details. Among the many challenges faced by the people of Bangladesh, the effects of climate change are discernibly threatening, impacting on human settlement, agricultural production, economic development, and human health. Bangladesh is a low-income country with limited resources; its vulnerability to climate change has influenced individuals to seek out health coping strategies. A cross-sectional study was conducted among households from Rajshahi and Khulna districts of Bangladesh selected through multi-stage sampling techniques, using a semi-structured questionnaire supplemented by 12 focus group discussions and 15 key informant interviews. Respondents applied 22 types of primary health coping strategies to prevent climate related diseases and sickness.

Experiencing Climate Change in Bangladesh: Vulnerability and Adaptation in Coastal Regions provides a conceptual and empirical framework for understanding the vulnerability of coastal communities in Bangladesh to multiple stressors and presents the process by which rural households adapt their livelihoods. The livelihoods of the poor people in many developing countries are disproportionately vulnerable to multiple shocks and stresses. The effects of climate change interacting with these livelihood disturbances further amplify human vulnerability. Future climate change is likely to aggravate this precarious situation. This book offers a solid framework for analyzing the process and components of adaptation of rural livelihoods to a changing hydro-climatic environment and presents empirical evidence of livelihood adaptation at the local level. The book creates a knowledge-base for the small island developing states SIDS experiencing similar socio-economic and climatic conditions. Also fills a market need by providing a conceptual framework, case studies, and reflections on lessons learned from policy responses for vulnerability reduction and adaptation to climate variability, extremes, and change.

Part of the Springer Theses book series Springer Theses. The study has four key approaches. First, it reviews the flood literature for Bangladesh from to Second, it examines farmers' crop adaptation processes in a case study area at Islampur, Bangladesh. Fourth, the book assesses the economic consequences of failure effects of autonomous crop adaptation in response to EFEs.

Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Bangladesh

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Huq , S. Bangladesh faces many challenges. Environment as a major factor in this process has only recently entered the scene. But even before environmental considerations in the development process has become the normal practice, the spectre of climate change has reared its ugly head.

Experiencing Climate Change in Bangladesh

Implications of insecticide-treated mosquito net fishing in lower income countries. This review reveals that the literature on community-based vulnerability and adaptation, and their processes and assessments in response to hazards under climate change regimes are inadequate, apart from a recent focus on assessment of the vulnerability of rural communities, their ability to adapt their farming methods, or the economic consequences of failure to adapt in response to extreme flood events, e. Younus a,b ; Younus and Harvey ,

Adaptation Actions, Migration and Disaster Vulnerability of Bangladeshi Coastal Communities

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Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change for Bangladesh
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