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Research: Population and Sample

Research studies are usually carried out on sample of subjects rather than whole populations. The most challenging aspect of fieldwork is drawing a random sample from the target population to which the results of the study would be generalized. In actual practice, the task is so difficult that some sampling bias occurs in almost all studies to a lesser or greater degree. In order to assess the degree of this bias, the informed reader of medical literature should have some understanding of the population from which the sample was drawn. The ultimate decision on whether the results of a particular study can be generalized to a larger population depends on this understanding. The subsequent deliberations dwell on sampling strategies for different types of research and also a brief description of different sampling methods.

Total population sampling is a type of purposive sampling technique that involves examining the entire population i. Whilst total population sampling is infrequently used, there are specific types of research where total population sampling can be very useful. This article a explains what total population sampling is and when it may be appropriate to use it, b sets out some examples of total population sampling, c shows how to create a total population sample, and d discusses the advantages and disadvantages of total population sampling. Total population sampling is a type of purposive sampling technique where you choose to examine the entire population i. In sampling, units are the things that make up the population. Units can be people , cases e. When using total population sampling, it is most likely that these units will be people.

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Quantitative researchers are often interested in being able to make generalizations about groups larger than their study samples. While there are certainly instances when quantitative researchers rely on nonprobability samples e. The goals and techniques associated with probability samples differ from those of nonprobability samples. The reason is that, in most cases, researchers who use probability sampling techniques are aiming to identify a representative sample A sample that resembles the population from which it was drawn in all the ways that are important for the research being conducted. A representative sample is one that resembles the population from which it was drawn in all the ways that are important for the research being conducted. In fact, generalizability is perhaps the key feature that distinguishes probability samples from nonprobability samples. The important thing to remember about random selection here is that, as previously noted, it is a core principal of probability sampling.

The entire group of people or objects to which the researcher wishes to generalize the study findings Meet set of criteria of interest to researcher Examples. All institutionalized elderly with Alzheimer ' s in St. Samples Terminology used to describe samples and sampling methods. Could be extremely large if population is national or international in nature Frame is needed so that everyone in the population is identified so they will have an equal opportunity for selection as a subject element Examples. A list of all institutionalized elderly with Alzheimer ' s in St. Louis area who are members of the St.

A population is all the individuals or units of interest; typically, there is not available data for almost all individuals in a population. Definition. A.

Statistics without tears: Populations and samples

All research questions address issues that are of great relevance to important groups of individuals known as a research population. A research population is generally a large collection of individuals or objects that is the main focus of a scientific query. It is for the benefit of the population that researches are done.

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Research Population

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Probability Sampling

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Non-Probability Sampling: Definition, types, Examples, and advantages

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Research: Population and Sample
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