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History of Corrections—Punishment, Prevention, or Rehabilitation?

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A short summary of this paper. Supermax institutions and solitary confinement: History, term definition and rationale for spreading. By opinion of the author, this definition includes all institutions if they satisfied stated condition, regardless of organizational model, judicial status of persons situated in those institutions, as well as decision and reasons of detention. The birthplace of this institutions are USA, and time of its introduction the last quarter of 20th century is characterized by sharpening of criminal reaction in the wave of penal populism and strengthening of retributive models of sentencing which broth to brutal rebellions in the prisons, which has been violently suppressed, and resulted in more serious rebellions.

Way out form this circle of violence was traced in institutions in which prisoners are whole day isolated without any human communication. This new solution has been popularized not only by penitential authorities, but also by: workers in the prison industry complex; local communities in which those prisons are situated; and by citizens, to whom has been suggested that is the only way to protect themselves from the most dangerous criminals.

At first sight, we can recognize that those arguments are without serious weight. Although those institutions still survive and represent one of the bases of the penitential system in America. This trend, with few exceptions, has spread in the other parts of the world, including Serbia, in which the heaviest crime perpetrators can be sanded to isolation by the court decision.

April, Washington Hafemeister T. Punishment and Society, no 1 Limusse T. Journal of Applied Philosophy no 2 Martinson R. Washington Ross J. Related Papers. Solitary confinement of inmates as a form of extreme marginalization. Critiques of solitary confinemenet and their effects. By Travis Meyers and Kevin Wright. By Lisa Kerr. Punishment and Prison bibliography with addendum on policing in the U.

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Correctional Facilities: Prisons and Jails

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It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This edited volume brings together a diverse group of contributors to create a review of research and an agenda for the future of dog care and training in correctional facilities. Human-animal interaction HAI is a burgeoning field of research that spans different disciplines: corrections, psychology, education, social work, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine, to name a few. Written for an array of professionals interested in prison dog programs, the book will hold special interest for researchers in criminal justice and corrections, forensic psychology, and to those with a commitment to promoting the ideals of rehabilitation, desistance thinking, restorative justice, and re-entry tools for inmates. Mary Renck Jalongo, Ph. Her work with Springer Nature includes 25 years of experience as the editor-in-chief of a journal and 13 years of experience as editor of a book series.

Women prisoners and the elderly are also dealt with separately, as are juvenile offenders. A number of authors tackle prison reform, describing.

Encyclopedia of Prisons & Correctional Facilities

The discipline of adult education has been vastly discussed and optimized over the years. Despite this, certain niches in this area, such as correctional education, remain under-researched and under-developed. Strategic Learning Ideologies in Prison Education Programs is a pivotal reference source that encompasses a range of research perspectives on the education of inmates in correctional facilities. Highlighting a range of international discussions on topics such as rehabilitation programs, vocational training, and curriculum development, this book is ideally designed for educators, professionals, academics, students, and practitioners interested in emerging developments within prison education programs.


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Public views of crime and punishment have changed over the centuries. Yet in general most societies have moved from the extraction of personal or family justice — vengeful acts such as blood feuds or the practice of taking "an eye for an eye" — toward formal systems based on written codes and orderly processes. Jails and prisons have changed from being holding places where prisoners awaited deportation, maiming, whipping, or execution to places of extended — even lifelong — incarceration. Confinement itself has become the punishment. During the colonial period in the United States physical punishment was more common than incarceration.

Prison , an institution for the confinement of persons who have been remanded held in custody by a judicial authority or who have been deprived of their liberty following conviction for a crime. A person found guilty of a felony or a misdemeanour may be required to serve a prison sentence. The holding of accused persons awaiting trial remains an important function of contemporary prisons, and in some countries such persons constitute the majority of the prison population. In the United Kingdom, for example, generally about one-fifth of the prison population is unconvicted or unsentenced, while more than two-thirds of those in custody in India are pretrial detainees. Until the late 18th century, prisons were used primarily for the confinement of debtors, persons accused of crimes and awaiting trial, and convicts awaiting the imposition of their sentences—usually death or transportation deportation overseas. A sentence of imprisonment was rarely imposed—and then only for minor crimes. As the use of capital punishment began to decline in the late 18th century, the prison was increasingly used by courts as a place of punishment , eventually becoming the chief means of punishing serious offenders.

A terrible stinking dark and dismal place situated underground into which no daylight can come. It was paved with stone; the prisoners had no beds and lay on the pavement and whereby they endured great misery and hardship. Public views of punishment for crimes have changed over the centuries. History has its clement and its stormy seasons, and during times of war, famine, and disorder, gains made in peace and plenty are sometimes lost. Yet generally over time most societies have moved from the extraction of personal or family justice—vengeful acts such as blood feuds or the practice of "an eye for an eye"—toward formal systems based on written codes and orderly process. Jails and prisons have changed from being holding places where prisoners awaited deportation, maiming, whippings, beatings, or execution.

Prison Dog Programs

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Encyclopedia Of Prisons Correctional Facilities

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