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Green's theorem is itself a special case of the much more general Stokes' theorem. Examples of using Green's theorem to calculate line integrals. The fact that the integral of a two-dimensional conservative field over a closed path is zero is a special case of Green's theorem. That's my y-axis, that is my x-axis, in my path will look like this. There are three special vector fields, among many, where this equation holds.

16.7: Stokes’ Theorem

Furthermore, the theorem has applications in fluid mechanics and electromagnetism. First, we look at an informal proof of the theorem. This proof is not rigorous, but it is meant to give a general feeling for why the theorem is true. In the limit, as the areas of the approximating squares go to zero, this approximation gets arbitrarily close to the flux. Therefore, four of the terms disappear from this double integral, and we are left with.

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We will prove Stokes' theorem for a vector field of the form P (x, y, z) k. That is, we will show, with the usual notations,. (3). P (x, y, z) dz.

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Theorem 1. Note that at. The section on isometric ovaloids can be seen as a write- Proof. In this section we are going to relate a line integral to a surface integral.

In this section, we state the divergence theorem, which is the final theorem of this type that we will study. The divergence theorem has many uses in physics; in particular, the divergence theorem is used in the field of partial differential equations to derive equations modeling heat flow and conservation of mass. We use the theorem to calculate flux integrals and apply it to electrostatic fields.

16.7: Stokes’ Theorem

Recall that one version of Green's Theorem see equation

Stokes’ Theorem

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