modelling and monitoring land-cover change processes in tropical regions pdf

Modelling And Monitoring Land-cover Change Processes In Tropical Regions Pdf

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Methodology for Multi-Scale Land-Use Change Modelling: Concepts and Challenges

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Land-cover and land-use changes are major components of national and international global change research programs and are topics of considerable societal relevance. Land cover—the assemblage of vegetation, exposed soil, rock, or water that occupies the land surface —and land use are significant agents of global change, with important influences on biogeochemical cycles, hydrology, and climate. Environmental change includes both anthropogenic change, caused, for example, by demographic or macroeconomic trends, and interannual, decadal, and centennial climatic trends. Today, land-related climate-change research programs are focusing on determining the impact of land-cover and land-use change on biogeochemical cycling, on coupling land processes into global and regional climate models, and on developing an understanding of the processes that cause change Janetos et al. Underlying climate-related land-cover and land-use research are fundamental questions of natural resource management and sustainable development, and the necessary integration of physical and social sciences Turner et al.

Land use change modelling: current practice and research priorities

Classified images together with soil features, slope and rainfall data were used to identify potential risk areas of soil erosion. The study discovered that rice field and rangeland increased by 1. Since the s, global, regional and local studies of land use and land cover changes LULCC have greatly developed, thanks to advances in earth observation and monitor methods including remote sensing and GIS techniques. The matter of land use changes has been measured in many international and interdisciplinary researches such as remote sensing, environment and biogeography [ 1 , 2 ]. Recently, remote sensing is widely applied for monitoring changes and dynamics in land use and land cover LULC observation and its impact to the environment. It offers a variety of benefits in LULC study and an opportunity to assess remote area such as tropical forest, high mountains, update land and terrain information and explore historical LULC.

Different techniques to monitor land-cover changes at regional scales are analysed. The following modelling scenarios are discussed and illustrated by specific.

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Considering the 0. The results indicate that there will be a considerable increase in the urban areas and decrease in grasslands in the future. Related to this, the suitable areas will be decreased by 50 km 2 and non-suitable areas will be increased by 76 km 2 from to The study simulated the beekeeping suitability to guide beekeepers and local authorities towards a better understanding of the reasons for decreasing suitability and developing urgent land use management systems.

This was done by downloading and processing landsat images of , , , and Methods employed were, data identification and acquisition, image processing, validation and presentation. There were six classifications analysed which were; bare areas, bushlands, farmlands, forest, grasslands and waterbodies. The results showed an increase in the classes of water bodies, farmlands and bare areas by

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We thank Peter Heyne, Manuel Weis, and Ulrich Tetzel for providing valuable information on the history and presence of land use and forest management in the biosphere reserve. Christian Schleyer provided many helpful comments throughout the study, and Christopher Hank improved the language of the manuscript. Martin Mantel and Benedikt Ibele were of great help with formatting figures and tables. Published here under license by The Resilience Alliance.

Land cover is defined as the layer of soils and biomass, including natural vegetation, crops and human structures that cover the land surface. Land use refers to the purposes for which humans exploit the land-cover Fresco, Land-cover change is the complete replacement of one cover type by another, while land-use changes also include the modification of land-cover types, e. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.


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