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Author: Gwendoline Garrison. Download PDF. Recommend Documents. The African Women s Development Fund. The analysis of international trade impact on economic development. The Impact of Children on Australian Women s and. Rapid assessment of household-level results. The household of an Egyptian dignitary the case of Ptahshepses.

Impact of energy labelling on household appliances. It may not be reproduced by any means in full or in part, except for short extracts in fair dealings, for research or private study, critical scholarly review or discourse with an acknowledgement, without the written permission of Mzumbe University, on behalf of the author.

My work could not be successful in the absence of their support. They have done a lot to ensure that the whole task of collecting relevant data consistent to this title is desirably achieved. First and foremost, I thank the Almighty God who is the doer of everything and who for his mightily power has secured me in all academic semesters, as without him nothing could have been done.

Secondly, I avail myself of this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to Madam Lihoya Chamwali my research supervisor for her great assistance during the whole period of my research. Special appreciation should go to Mr. Bosco O. Ndunguru DED as my employer who allowed me to undertake postgraduate studies in 18 months in the course of degree of Masters of Science in Project Planning and Management of Mzumbe University.

Lastly but not least, it will not be grateful if I forget to provide my sincere thanks to some heads of departments who support me, namely John T. Also my fellow experts including Paul J. I also dedicate this work to my father Paul M. Self administered questionnaire were employed in data collection from respondents who were obtained by simple random sampling technique.

Seemingly unrelated regression equation SURE model was used to determine the magnitude of change of income, ownership of assets, and nutritional status as response variables.

Assets that were owned by women were televisions, cellular phones, bicycles, motorcycles, while few women owned houses. Self employment contributed ownership of assets by The findings were; the WDF loan size is good strategy for reduction of income poverty in the country. There is low understanding of women on policy and laws governing equal rights on ownership of assets.

However borrowers sustained an increased income by ensuring that the economies of scale from their firms were optimally attained by increasing production as average cost falls up to the point where optimally output was produced.

Investing in secondary education is good strategy for increasing income and improving nutritional status, while increasing self employment is a good strategy for ownership of assets on women. The study recommends the government to provide adequate loan size and to impart knowledge to women about policy and laws governing equal rights on ownership of assets.

However, micro credits as strategy resulted from past experience to curb the problem. Several researches in mid s focused in making Microfinance work for the poor and the findings indicated that, lack of access to credit on the part of the poor was one of the key constraints on their economic progress Todaro and Smith, According to findings of those researches it was found that lending to poor households and to the groups of borrowers is more powerful in bringing economic progress than lending to individuals Todaro and Smith, The central feature of lending the group was that, in the event of default in loan payment by one member, no group member is allowed to borrow again.

This means that a group has to be formed very carefully by the individuals so that they can produce more output and generate high profit that can help them to pay back the loan and interest rate Ray, There are many examples of micro credit finance globally; the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh that was developed by Dr.

Mohamed Yunus disbursed loan to landless people, which now serves more than 2. Injection of micro loans to address poverty and gender inequality has become a common solution globally.

Micro credit schemes come as a reaction strategy to the failure by many development intervention strategies to include women in planning and implementation with the aim of enabling women to earn direct income, by giving 1 them a voice in the community and enabling them to participate in the public sphere and in decision making. Furthermore they portrayed that, the success of Muhammad Yunus model of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh has been replicated not only in Bangladesh but in many countries across the globe including Zimbabwe Tshuma and Selome, The experience on loan provided by BRAC had shown a positive impact in improving women social welfare and poverty reduction Tshuma and Selome, In line with the millennium development goal number three, the government of Zimbabwe, through the ministry of Woman Affairs, set up a Women Development Fund WDF.

This fund was set up to assist women who were already entrepreneurs and those who wanted to start income generating projects. The objective of the fund was to empower and capacitate disadvantaged women by providing collateral free loans. The provision of such credit schemes by the government of Zimbabwe is in line with the global practice. Gender dimension of poverty focuses on the dilemma of women, their numerous roles as women and their role in dealing with poverty Tshuma and Selome, In Zimbabwe, like in many developing countries, empowering women through micro-credit finance is viewed a strategy of attaining a better well-being especially in the rural areas.

The government of Zimbabwe has been empowering rural women through the introduction of WDF and has made a difference in the livelihoods of the recipients through initiation of income generating projects. However the major handicap with WDF is that the amount of money given are small and that it was employed in isolate hence there is a need to have complementary initiatives such as capacity building, market networking to mention just a few Tshuma and Selome, Internationally, there is a link between poverty alleviation in countries and the development of their female human capital.

Although economic progress can improve the status of women, it is also true that a country cannot sustainably develop 2 if its women are left behind. Focusing on women in the provision of credit assistance can achieve more rapid pro-poor economic growth than gender neutral policies.

Investing in women and girls, in their education, health and access to assets and jobs has a multiplier effect on productivity, efficiency and sustained economic growth in developing countries Tshuma and Selome, The commitment by the world to empower women and end gender inequalities is explicit in Millennium Development Goal 3 Willis, About 90 percent of women living in rural areas engage in agriculture and livestock keeping for their livelihood and economic prosperity, and hence are vulnerable to poverty URT, Many studies have shown that gender inequality is one of the underlying causes of poverty, as most women do not have equal rights to assets including land and have limited access to finance and education.

Sustainable social and economic development cannot be realized without ensuring gender equality URT, URT a indicated that, the government will continue to support economic empowerment initiatives through Economic Empowerment Fund, Youth Development Fund and WDF so as to provide capital for citizens. These lead to establishment of more micro- enterprises to generate their incomes and job creations. The loan size disbursed has increased from milion in to 1.

Thus, women who received WDF loan from the government are just 0. Through trainings, women will acquire skills and knowledge on how to calculate profit and loss account and business records keeping and management. Policy makers and practitioners in relevant ministries, NGOs and other development bodies who are interested in women empowerment and poverty reduction at household level can use the findings obtained from the study to improve the existing policy or to establish the new policy that will be useful to get rid of poverty particularly to women group.

It is also a stepping stone for other researchers to conduct research; the execution of development plans and strategies that bears a fruitful outcomes depends upon the researchers who conducts research by observing the research gap that have already been conducted, thus this study will act as a base for other researchers.

The study will also help a researcher to acquire an award of master degree in Project Planning and Management. It provides an overview of the study, significance and the way it adds values to professional knowledge and practice. However it contains problem statement that explains the crucial issue comprised by summary of the literature that justifies the study. Furthermore it consists of research purpose which is the major objective of the study, and takes into account the hypotheses the scenery for scope of the study.

The chapter two is about literature review. It covers definition of various key terms related to the study. It narrates about review of extracted information especially primary sources from recent empirical including scholarly journals, publications, and secondary sources. Synthesizes various findings across studies and compares and contrasts different research outcomes.

However, it identifies gaps and gives rationale for study. The chapter also has conceptual framework that provides relationships between response and explanatory variables, thus, it clearly draws on theory and methodological bases for development of the study analysis of findings. Nevertheless, it comprises a summary which is a comprehensive synthesis of literature review that completes the section.

Chapter three is about research methodology that answers two main questions; how was the data collected and how was it analysed. It explains and justifies the sample used and how respondents were selected. It also describes the behavior and size of the sample, and gives other pertinent demographic information. However the section explains and substantiate all data collection methods, comprising how, when, where, and by whom data were collected.

Furthermore, it describes and justifies all techniques and tools used in analysing data. Chapter four is about presentation of findings.

In this section, the findings of the study are reported basing upon the problem, research hypotheses and methodology employed in gathering information. It simply states the findings arranged logically and sequential way without bias or interpretation.

The discussion connects the introduction through research hypotheses posed and literature that was reviewed without rescheduling the introduction. Chapter six is about summary, conclusions, and policy implications. Conclusions encompass something new from the study that was not known before research, but it is neither findings nor interpretation.

Policy implications consists of proposed application by providing specific action planning and next steps based on the conclusions. By knowing the number of people who live in households and the number of households, the average size of households can be calculated by dividing the number of persons living in households by total households, while a family refers to a group of two or more persons residing together and related by birth, marriage, or adoption Haupt and Kane, This study defines employment as the situation whereby women who received loan service from the government are engaged in production in the form of self employee, government employee or private employee.

Vulnerability as dimension of well-fare refers to the state of susceptibility to harm from exposure to stresses associated with environmental and social change and from the absence of capacity to adapt Adger, Vulnerability is a state of inability to take advantage of profitable opportunities so that without substantial support they may end up in severe and persistent poverty.

The vulnerable group includes elderly, orphans, widows, landless or low paid workers Dercon, Greater opportunities for women to participate in economic activities either as well- paid employees or a successful entrepreneurship certainly will help much in poverty reduction since entrepreneurship development is usually associated with SME development.

The importance of small enterprises to our economy is rising, but one of the critical problems an entrepreneur faces is how to raise sufficient funds to start, run or expand business but one of the common sources of capital is through debt or borrowed fund including WDF Msirikale, Lending to individuals within the group occurs in sequence, the average loan size should be around dollar, no collateral is required and the nominal rate of interest should be around 20 percent roughly 12 percent real and 90 percent of borrowers are women and average repayment rate are over 97 percent Ray, In a limited partnership, partners are protected by the firm for liabilities which may occur in the business, profits and losses are shared equally, even if the capital contributed by partners may be different unless otherwise stated in the deed, There is greater continuity in a partnership compared with sole trader in case one of the partners dies or retires, and risks affecting the business are shared among partners.

However, globally, women tend to be poorer than men because they lack support for fundamental functions of human life, they are less nourished, less healthy, and more vulnerable to physical violence and sexual abuse. If compared the lives of the inhabitants of the poorest communities throughout the developing world, the situation is that virtually everywhere, women and children experience the harshest deprivation, to make the biggest impact on development, the government must empower and invest in its women because the concept of women in development is viewed from the totality of the basis and wider meaning of Community development, for the simple reason that women are very important component of the society in bringing about societal development URT, In the Third world countries various approaches, policies and strategies are being adopted to reduce poverty Yanagihara, Thus various concepts, arguments of different theorists will be discussed in relation to women empowerment Msabila and Nalaila, The reason for initiating the theory is due to the fact that, classical Keynesian consumption theory failed to explain the constancy of savings rate in the face of rising real incomes in the United States, hence a number of new theories of consumer behavior emerged meanwhile permanent income theory is concentrated mainly on long-run dynamics and relations, while Keynes focused primarily on short-run considerations.

TABLE OF CONTENTS - Mzumbe University

Box , Morogoro, Tanzania. We first provide some of the challenges of integrating ICTs in education followed by a description of key past and current ICT initiatives supporting the adoption of ICTs in schools using a number of case studies in sub-Saharan Africa. Moreover, we provide various ICT platforms deployed for education service delivery in disadvantaged African society e. Finally, we highlight our main findings and observations in terms of opportunities and future ICT for education research directions in Africa. Our aim is to provide some guidelines and ensure that Africa uniformly meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 4, which is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning , particularly using ICTs. ICTs have become the most basic building block of modern industrial society.

Also part of the Information Systems and Applications, incl. The conference was planned to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, but had to change to a virtual conference mode due to the COVID pandemic. The conference presents results from academic and industrial research, as well as industrial experiences, on the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies to enhance Human-Computer Interaction. From a total of submissions, a total of papers and posters has been accepted for publication in the HCII proceedings. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide.

Artificial Intelligence in HCI

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