valuing environmental and natural re ourcethe econometricof non market valuation pdf

Valuing Environmental And Natural Re Ourcethe Econometricof Non Market Valuation Pdf

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Valuing Environmental and Natural Resources

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Introduction 1. Monetary valuation of environmental goods has by now become the subject of numerous economic books and articles. Interest in the topic seems to be increasing in the economics profession, and theoretical insight, methodological improvements and the numbers of empirical findings are expanding rapidly. The aim of such valuation is usually to incorporate environmental concerns into a cost-benefit analysis. Another purpose is to construct environmentally adjusted national income measures Environmental value estimates have also been combined with macroeconomic models, e. It is a key exercise in economic analysis and its results provide important information about values of environmental goods and services. This information can be used to influence decisions about wise use and conservation of forests and other ecosystems.

The Economic Value of Natural and Environmental Resource

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Most environmental goods and services, such as clean air and water, and healthy fish and wildlife populations, are not traded in markets. Their economic value -how much people would be willing to pay for them- is not revealed in market prices. The only option for assigning monetary values to them is to rely on non-market valuation methods.

Economic valuation methods for non-market goods and services comprise a range of empirical approaches to estimate a monetary value for the trade-off a person would be willing to make to increase the amount or the quality of a good or service for which there exists no market. After a period of more than fifty years of improvement, the approaches have reached a certain degree of maturity and professional acceptance; for example, they are routinely used in US court cases as a starting point for oil-spill damage assessments which can run into several billions of US dollars. There are probably more than 10, papers published, covering a range of issues about economic valuation methods. While environmental and health studies dominate, an increasing number of applications appear in, inter alia, cultural economics. Since the number of things people care about is virtually without limits, the set of applications for measuring these types of trade-offs is very large; e.

Valuing Environmental and Natural Resources

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Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Environmental issues and ecosystems have been at the core of many recent philosophical discussions regarding value e. Fundamentally, these debates about the value of ecosystems derive from two points of view. One view is that some values of ecosystems and their services are non-anthropocentric—that nonhuman species have moral interests or value in themselves.

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