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It has in deed. GKN performed creditably in the fi rst three quarters of , ahead of the same period in the prior. This reduction was strongly in fl uenced by a shortage of the. We were one of the fi rst to warn the market of these. We responded rapidly and.

Marks & Spencer profits plunge 17% on poor clothes and home sales

In November , it was announced that Marc Bolland , formerly of Morrisons , [7] would take over as chief executive from executive chairman Sir Stuart Rose in early ; Rose remained executive chairman until July and then chairman until January , when he was replaced by Robert Swannell.

Michael moniker for its own brand. The company also began to sell branded goods such as Kellogg's Corn Flakes in November On 22 May , it was confirmed that over stores will have closed by in a "radical" plan.

Whether more stores will close is yet to be confirmed. The company was founded by a partnership between Michael Marks , a Polish Jew [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] born in Slonim , who had migrated to Leeds, England in the early s, and Thomas Spencer , a cashier from the English market town of Skipton in North Yorkshire.

In he met Isaac Jowitt Dewhirst while looking for work. Dewhirst's cashier was Thomas Spencer, a bookkeeper, whose second wife, Agnes, helped improve Marks's English. In , when Marks acquired a permanent stall in the Leeds covered market, he invited Spencer to become his partner.

In Marks moved to the Birkenhead open market, where he amalgamated his business with Spencer. The company left Birkenhead Market on 24 February The brand honours Michael Marks.

It also accepted the return of unwanted items, giving a full cash refund if the receipt was shown, no matter how long ago the product was purchased, which was unusual for the time. By , virtually all goods were sold under the "St Michael" label. Simon Marks , son of Michael Marks, died in , after fifty-six years' service. Israel Sieff , the son-in-law of Michael Marks, took over as chairman and in , John Salisse became the company Director.

A cautious international expansion began with the introduction of Asian food in The company put its main emphasis on quality, including a stocking size measuring system.

When this reputation began to waver, it encountered serious difficulties. The uncompromising attitude towards customer relations was summarised by the slogan: "The customer is always and completely right! Energy efficiency was improved by the addition of thermostatically controlled refrigerators in In an effort to improve the quality of their Swiss rolls , they hired the food expert Nat Goldberg, who made a major improvement across their entire cake range, which had lost the public's favour a few years earlier.

As a later measure to improve food quality, food labelling was improved and "sell by dates" were phased in between and In , Marcus Sieff became chairman, remaining in place until , and emphasising the importance of good staff relations to the tradition of the store, while extending staff benefits to areas such as restaurants and chiropody.

The company expanded into Canada in , and at one point had forty-seven stores across Canada. Despite various efforts to improve its image, the chain was never able to move beyond its reputation there as a stodgy retailer, one that catered primarily to senior citizens and expatriate Britons.

The shops in Canada were smaller than British outlets, and did not carry the same selection. In the late s, further efforts were made to modernise them and also expand the customer base. Unprofitable locations were closed. Nonetheless, the Canadian operations continued to lose money, and the last 38 shops in Canada were closed in Expansion into France began with shops opening in Paris at Boulevard Haussmann and Lyon in , followed by a second Paris shop at Rosny 2 in Further expansion into other French and Belgian cities followed into the s.

Although the Paris shops remained popular and profitable, the Western European operation as a whole did not fare as well and eighteen shops were sold in In addition the group also opened several food outlets throughout the French capital. Another factor was the company's refusal until to accept any credit cards except its own chargecard. In , with changes in its business focus such as accepting credit cards, the introduction of the "Per Una" clothing range designed by George Davies , and a redesign of its underlying business model, profits recovered somewhat.

Philip Green withdrew his takeover bid after failing to get sufficient backing from shareholders. Twenty-two unprofitable and minor food stores, such as the ones at Ripon and Balham , were closed in early as part of a cost-cutting measure. The closures were met with protests from the local communities and petitions were signed in support of retaining the stores, although they went ahead. The Retail Knowledge Bank conducted an audit of the company's brands in August , and revealed that sales of womenswear were at a year low.

Draper magazine claimed that Per Una was the only clothing brand not at risk of being axed while Marc Bolland considered which brands would be retained. This disclosure was made as stock market rules mean that any holding over 3 per cent share must be made public. On 7 January it was announced that Marc Bolland , who has been CEO since , would step down on 2 April , and be replaced by Steve Rowe , head of clothing, and previously head of the food business. Several were smaller stores identified for closure in November Stores due for closure in April included one of their oldest presences, that in the town centre of Birkenhead.

Other stores due for closure, in the same month, were those in Bournemouth , Durham , Fforestfach , Putney and Redditch. The company hoped it would help revive profits using the corporate website. On 15 January the company named the next wave of 17 stores earmarked for closure.

The 17 proposed closures are part of the company's five-year plan to shut more than stores by The company said that cuts will be made in support functions, in regional management and in its UK stores, "reflecting the fact that the change has been felt throughout the business.

This had formerly been the Baker Street Bazaar which had been destroyed in a fire in Financial performance has been as follows: [1].

Since then, the company has changed to reporting for or week periods, ending on variable dates. In , the Look Behind the Label marketing campaign was introduced.

The commitments span five themes: climate change , waste , sustainable raw materials, 'fair partnership' and health, [79] with the aim that, by , it will: [81]. This was followed in May by the introduction of a 5p charge for standard sized carrier bags used for food purchases before this charge became compulsory.

In becoming carbon neutral the company has committed to use carbon offsetting only as a last resort, [86] restricted to cases "where it is required by government or where the technology for green air or road transport will not be available for the foreseeable future". This store opened on 23 October shortly after the closure of stores in the nearby town centres of Dudley and West Bromwich ; the Merry Hill store was not originally intended to replace these two town centre stores, but both the Dudley and West Bromwich stores had experienced a downturn in trade as the opening of the Merry Hill store loomed, and both stores were closed on 25 August The company's website has received criticism for having its prices in Pound sterling and not in euro, and for providing a search for its Irish stores through a "UK Store Finder".

The company reopened its store in Paris on 24 November , following the launch of a new French website on 11 October A new store opened on 17 April in Kalverstraat in Amsterdam , Netherlands , more than 10 years after closure of the previous store. Nevertheless, they closed both of their stores in the Netherlands.

The range of clothing sold and the space given to it depends on the location and customer demographic an example would be that some London shops do not stock the Classic Collection, but stock Limited Edition and a full Autograph range. All full line shops feature a Food hall. The current store format was designed by Urban Salon Architects in Self-checkout was implemented in the general merchandise sections in three trial stores in This was part of the transformation of the Food business, led by Managing Director Stuart Machin, to have bigger Food stores with "the mind of a supermarket and the soul of a fresh market".

Many of the Outlet shops are in locations such as retail parks and outlet centres, though some, including the shop in Woolwich , South London. The stores predominantly sell food, however some larger stores also stock a small selection of general merchandise. A number of these are run under franchise agreements:.

A spokesperson stated that "prices are a little higher than at our high street stores but this reflects the fact that these stores are open longer and are highly convenient for customers on the move". Products could be ordered online since the mids, in response to Tesco launching their pioneering Tesco. By , virtually all goods were sold under the St Michael brand. The synthetic fibre Tricell was first used in and lasted until the s.

In , Sir Stuart Rose axed a number of brands including the menswear brand "SP Clothing", the "View From" sportswear range, the David Beckham children's range "DB07" and several food lines as he thought the company's stock inventory management had become 'too complicated'.

The company also began to sell branded goods like Kellogg's Corn Flakes in November However, it did not include Jaeger's 63 shops and 13 concessions. The same logo was also applied to store fascias and carrier bags.

The St Michael name was subsequently adopted as a 'quality guarantee' and appeared as the St Michael Quality Promise on the back of food products, on the side of delivery vehicles and on in-store ordering receipts.

Twiggy first appeared in , returning later in and Anne Grierson [25] first featured in advertisements during the late s and most of the s. The new look has been instrumental in the company's recent resurgence, particularly with the success of a new clothing campaign featuring the celebrated model, Twiggy , and younger models associated with the bohemian styles of —, and the new TV ad campaign for its food range.

These advertisements have been referred to by some sections of the media as being food porn , with a number of other companies copying the idea, such as Aldi and, subsequently, Waitrose. The TV advertising campaign drew complaints, leading to national press coverage, regarding sexism. In , it was reported that the Marble Arch branch was picketed weekly by protesters objecting to the sale of Israeli goods. In October , chairman Sir Stuart Rose was a signatory to a controversial letter to The Daily Telegraph [] which claimed that "The private sector should be more than capable of generating additional jobs to replace those lost in the public sector, and the redeployment of people to more productive activities will improve economic performance, so generating more employment opportunities", despite recent job cuts of 1, staff.

It had recently rolled out the contactless payments system, provided by Visa Europe, to UK stores. A company spokesman subsequently apologised and stated that they will attempt to reassign staff whose beliefs may impact their work to different departments, such as clothing.

In September , Holly Willoughby became the company new brand ambassador along with her 'Must Have' collection which launched on 27 September However the company failed to order sufficient stock and large quantities of customers were left disappointed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the department store. British retail company. Traded as. Operating income. Net income. See also: Spending Review. Retrieved 6 July Retrieved 2 March

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Marks & Spencer

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In November , it was announced that Marc Bolland , formerly of Morrisons , [7] would take over as chief executive from executive chairman Sir Stuart Rose in early ; Rose remained executive chairman until July and then chairman until January , when he was replaced by Robert Swannell. Michael moniker for its own brand. The company also began to sell branded goods such as Kellogg's Corn Flakes in November On 22 May , it was confirmed that over stores will have closed by in a "radical" plan. Whether more stores will close is yet to be confirmed.

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The retail giant MKS. L said pre-tax profits were down Revenue dropped 2.

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