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Now the global trend towards the recruitment selection and training in private and government sector is focused on the attention of policymakers and its consequences. This can be daunting, because the range of issues is expensive and the economic literature is by no means conclusive.

This research is all about the satisfaction of individuals employee, and policy-makers must need to consider how it effect minimized and better the recruitment selection and training. Introduction Selection and Recruitment is the process in which employees are hired against the vacant post. This process of selection and recruitment has the same age as organizations themselves.

The first ones who are considered to be the pioneers in documented selection when they started with the idea of selection tests for civil servants. Knowledge, skills, ability, and other characteristics which are the requirements identified by the psychologists are also known as KSAOs.

It is a very sensitive matter for an organization to attain hundred percent results in selecting the most perfect candidate against their vacant post. Candidates are also in an effort to search the best job which fulfills their expectations and suits their skills, ambitions and expertise. So keeping above in view recruitment can be explained as: The process in which an organization explore, develop, hunts, and pulls to itself most right individuals for the right job Nadler, The process of recruitment and selection and Human Resource Management are directly related to the planning of human resources.

Due to the importance and knowledge gained about the recruitment process, organizations reveal the importance of selection and recruitment in their success. Selection and recruitment process got appreciation by achieving the best and also leads towards experience and empirical research. It is also a matter of great importance for every organization to keep in view some important points relevant to the strategies and other environmental factors of the organization.

Following are the internal factors, most likely to be: status of the organization in the surrounding environment, targets of recruitment and increase the charm of job Nadler, Labor market conditions, government policies, economic trends and labor unions are the external factors Sims, Many organizations are selecting the right people for their vacant posts. Because of research, study and experience, there is very high rate of success in HRM due to the recruitment and selection efforts.

Shortage of applicants is still one of the major issues which employers are experiencing to be resolved carefully in the recruitment of skilled professional posts. In this article, used to be the part of the mentioned organization, I am trying to highlight the issue of selection of the right persons on the right job and in an effort to develop policies that may address the alarming shortage of skilled individuals Nadler, The said issue will be discussed briefly, possessing the following mentioned headings, in a literature review study.

Usually recruitment management has evolved a great procedure. One of the most important factor about which all HRM knows very well and which has drastic impact on organization and also unacceptable to the management is the wrong decision of selection Nadler, These advances evolved Selection and recruitment and has also been strongly influenced by legislation passed from the s s.

Much legality was taken into consideration for a job description and asking appropriate questions in the interview.

The evaluation of candidates is based on their bio-data, personal attributes, and performance on cognitive tests. They can also be evaluated by giving them task in a simulated work environment to evaluate their capabilities.

Phone interviews, one-on-one or even panel interviews are also in practice by the recruiters. The hiring process is very difficult, lengthy and hectic for perfect candidate, the right-fit. The information on the Selection and Recruitment page will help guide you through this process Nadler, Or the exact words are, right people for the right job are not easily available and it is the most crucial phase Ilyn, Human resources is a term used to who finds out the perfect candidate for the vacancies in an organization, although it is also applied in labor economics.

Human resources can also be explained as the department of an organization which implements recruitment and selection strategies and policies and possess complete authority and responsibility in this regard.

HR initials are used to abbreviate this function Nadler, The different style of management of Multinational business tycoons like Microsoft and GMC General Motor Company which belongs to United States, and Honda and Samsung which are from Japan both situated at extreme opposite geographic locations of the world, one in the east and other is in the west, made themselves successful Jlyn, Significance of Study Employers are always curious for the right staff against their vacant post.

Success of any business is also another meaning of hiring the most appropriate work force. One of the major conditions in order to attain true success is that availability of the right and competent personals in the business.

There are number of chances that incompetent and non-appropriate work force can lead the successful organization towards decline and the organizations having people who are competent, suitable who also enjoys their jobs and have a passion for their inclined destination in their carrier can lead the organization from bottom to top Admin, The transferable skills which are in the interest of the company must also be in the knowledge of the employers.

This shows that while the vacancy is being advertised, the employer needs to be more specific and elaborated. In order to hire the services of the recruiting agency for selection and recruitment process, the recruitment consultant must be instructed clearly and precisely by the employer Admin, Understandable frame work is one of the major important factors in the selection and recruitment process for short listing the candidates.

Thus we can say that, information about the experience and potential can be obtained by the employer from having thorough look at the resume or CV of an employee and should have some idea of what he wants to see. It is a matter of great importance that qualities and qualifications should be established essential for the post vacant during the selection and recruitment process.

After the employees are shortlisted, then we have to determine that either single interview conducted will be sufficient or we also have to conduct presentation along with the interview Admin, If requesting for the services of the recruiting agency or recruitment consultants, the recruitment and selection process becomes easier. Employer should be very specific to the recruitment agency or recruitment consultant on the requirements the employer wants to see in the employee.

Agency or consultancy firm should also be clear about the selection and recruitment process of the organization for hiring the competent candidate.

At each stage of selection and recruitment process, this results in the selection of right candidates Admin, Literature Review Recruitment and Selection All the techniques and ways which are used in process of recruitment are being critically evaluated in this research. For the selection of the employees, every organization uses different ways and techniques for selection. All the theories, methods and techniques which are used in process of recruitment, will be analyzed critically, in this research.

Investigation, validity and reliability will be completely defined in this research. Data, interviews and selection of principal application process will also be describe. Identification of methods which are helpful during the assessment of candidates will be analyzed in upcoming chapter. The goals, which are important. Orientation and recruitment of new work force is described in this research. The process of recruitment in small companies is discussed.

Different techniques of recruitment from advertisement, recommendation and final selection of a candidate are also stated here.

The process of recruitment is of great importance for the success of any organization. There will be suffering if selection of employees will be based on wrong descions. Small business lacks behind instead of large business during recruitment, but on the other hand. Low needs, low cost, less expertise, specific in needs and less time are some of the plus points of small organization Williams, Different techniques and ways are used for selection and recruitment process by every organization.

Air call is an organization which is using different methods, ways and techniques during recruitment process and the research is about it. Investigating the idea of reliability and validity in the Air call centers during the process of recruitment is also explained. CVs references methods, application process and conduction of interviews will be evaluated in second research.

Tests, interviews, assessment and personality of the candidate will be evaluated and in the last, selection of applicant will be finalized in third section.

Different recruitment challenges are in the way of organizations, using internal recruitment and external recruitment process in achieving the goals. Recruitment and selection process provides for the success of any of the organization, narrated by the researcher.

Identification and selection of candidate should be appropriate Williams, Selection and Placement of the Personnel The 30 years of rational changes in the educational market has been observed by the researcher. Promotion, termination and selection of the employee have direct impact by the state law and federal law on the selection and recruitment process in the educational system.

It has also mentioned that, how necessary is the scrutiny process. All biasness and discrimination will be eliminated by the base provided by the teacher. It also allows specified pay structure for the teachers. Qualification, experience, placement responsibilities are the basic criteria for setting up the pay structure of an employee. Discrimination is effected in the process of bargaining process Bartram, E-recruitment Technology.

Profitability, growth, leverage, efficiency, management, capital and continued changes are in the focus of every organization in this modern world. Therefore, new competencies and challenges are evolving in an organization. Market structure, culture and environment can be improved by the positive impact of all the changes. Excellent customer services, cost effectiveness and targets are focused by human resource policies. Electronic media allows HR to fulfill its needs and take full advantage of the strategies available.

Electronic recruitment is the process which is being used by many companies in todays environment to gain maximum share of the profit from the market. There are also some disadvantages in Electronic recruitment process. The electronic recruitment is more unsuitable, costly and time taking process. A collection and gathering of candidate which selection of suitable candidates becomes easier. A major an important role is being played by electronic recruitment.

Now candidates give their information online. Processing of applications is based on the software which is used for processing of applications and pool of candidates is used for the recruitment process of the employees Chen, Selection and Recruitment of Kenwood A world leading business group, operating worldwide, is providing jobs in different organization. Kenwood with the help of equal employment opportunities offers different compensation packages like salary, holidays packages etc.

Its an employer who removes the biasness and favoritism among the employees. Employees are the factor which helps in achieving different tasks which are set on long period of time. Permanent and temporary work forces are treated fairly under the same policy. During selection process, applicants abilities are tested by different HR techniques.

Senior management supports and reviews all policies and strategies.

A Study On Increase in E-Recruitment and Selection Process

The internet has changed the ways organizations do business and recruit new members. This paper concentrates on how there is a drastic increase in the online recruitment process with the emergence of technology. Here efforts are made to understand if users prefer online recruitment or face to face selection. Effective E-recruiting and selection process increases organizations competitive advantage through lower costs and increased efficiency and offers more benefits for both job seekers and recruiters. The businesses set up as a regular recruitment strategies and techniques that would be the most useful to accomplish hierarchical objectives and goals. The main purpose of this research paper is to understand the increase in recruitment and selection procedures online.

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PDF | Better recruitment and selection strategies result in improved organizational outcomes. With reference to this context, the research paper | Find, read and.

A Study of the Recruitment and Selection process

A literature survey has revealed that various approaches did emerge especially during the 20th century. It helps the manager to attract and select best candidates for the organization. However, selection is a process of steps for.

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The banking industry is one of the major sectors contributing to the Bangladesh economy; it needs a considerable number of qualified and potential employees to attain the organization's goal. This study's main objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process in the banking industry of Bangladesh based on the perception and experience of recently recruited employees in different private and public limited banks. Primary data were used to conduct a quantitative analysis for the following research problem. Therefore, 84 samples were retrieved out of samples. Diagnostic test concludes that primary data are not normally distributed.

The result of the study shows that Basic Bank discourages the employee referral based recruitment process and it relies more on external sources of recruitment. It is also found that this bank has an extensive selection process consisting of CV screening, employment tests, interviews and background checks.

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